Uses of Armstone®

We believe that there is always a perfect spot for stones.

Balcony and terrace areas, walking paths, city squares, pool surrounds, landscape areas, areas open to light vehicle traffic...
Thanks to the open joint system, it provides excellent drainage, water accumulation on the surfaces is prevented, the level differences reflected on the pavement due to the slope concrete are eliminated, the pavement areas are passed with a single final level, thus the desired single space effect is achieved in large areas. The disassembly of the system makes the renovation work easy and economical, giving the designers ample time and freedom in application. The fact that there is no need for mortar and similar bonding materials creates the opportunity to apply quickly and in all weather conditions. The empty spaces created under the pavement are used for installation and wiring. Continuous ventilation of the system prolongs the material life by minimizing the damages caused by thermal stresses.



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