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Doğal Taşlar Lamine Taşlar Kompozit MBI Applications
Time resisting eco-friendly stone veneer Accordance with the standards of aesthetic products Easily applied, high strength Precast Composite Stone Coatings MBI Applications

Armstone ® Stone Surfacing is a system offered as a package composing of Natural, Granule and Composite stone surfacing materials fitted on a Support ® branded floating floor, which is a product of Armada Groupe.

Balconies and terraces, walking trails, public squares, landscape areas, swimming pool environment and routes open to light vehicles…

Armstone® - Natural Stones

Armstone® - G Lamine Stones

Armstone® - C Composite Stones

BATIMAT Paris 2019, the largest meeting point for industry professionals and the construction industry, took place in Paris, France between November 4 and 8. ARMADA Groupe® attends the world's largest building and construction expo with its Support® Support® Eco Support® and Surplot® raised floor system brands and also ARMWOOD®, ARMSTONE® flooring products. At the same time, ARMROOF®Green green roof materials are demonstrated at the booth too. ARMADA Groupe® attracted the attention of industry representatives for five days with its complementary products and wide range of products covering hard ground solutions in the landscape.

ARMADA Groupe® participated in the 2019 Turkey Build expo, which was organized for the 42nd time this year, bringing together architects, industry experts and industry representatives from all over the world.
The expo was held at TÜYAP Fair and Congress Center between June 18 and 22. ARMADA Groupe® has attracted great attention with its innovative product range that provides flexibility that is not possible in classical methods...

ARMADA Groupe®, which company participated in Australia's largest construction expo Sydney Build 2019, was the focus of the expo with its SUPPORT® and SurPlot® plastic adjustable flooring products in booth C-95.
Armada Groupe®, a pioneer of innovation in service and manufacturing, has met with all key players in the sector at Sydney Build 2019, embodying the latest opportunities from the housing sector to infrastructure and construction.

ARMADA Groupe, which participated in Bau 2019, the construction industry's most prestigious expo, has been the centre of attention of expo visitors with its hard floor flooring systems. BAU 2019 Building and construction exhibition held once in two years in Munich, Germany. Armada Groupe® demonstrated SUPPORT®, SUPPORT ECO® and SurPlot® adjustable plastic flooring systems, as well as ARMSTONE® stone cladding and ARMWOOD® wood cladding products.

Armada Groupe, attended Turkey Build –İstanbul 2017 and displayed its innovative brands at two different stands.

Armada Groupe held year- end meeting. In the meeting, our team discussed the major events of 2015 and future plans of the company.

Armada Groupe attended the Batimat Fair which took place on 2-6 November,2015 in Paris.

Armada Groupe attended 2015 YAPI Turkey Build İstanbul with its innovative products. The Company was the center of attention with its three diffrent stand and products in the fair.

Armada Groupe, by mutual agreement with a French brand Vegetal i.D, brings innovative green roof applications to Turkey!

Armada Groupe, held the evaluation meeting with its trade partner SITCO in its head office which is located İstanbul, Turkey.

Armada Groupe with its innovative products, attended the 2015 Batibouw Fair. The Fair this year is the 56.edition.

Armada Groupe, attended the 2015 BAU& Trade fair for architecture, materials and systems which the leading representatives of the construction sector showed great interest.

The team of Armada Groupe was in Santiago de Compostela in December for annual evaluation meeting! In the meeting in which the all departments have made their presentations and the prudential strategies have been settled, the team of Armada Groupe also found an opportunity to discover the historic fabric and recognize the architecture of the city.

Armada Groupe is attending BAU 2015 Fair which takes place in Germany between January 19th-24th, 2015

Armada Groupe 20th Anniversary

Groupe Armada a réalisé le lancement de son nouveau produit Armroof Green pendant la trente-septième foire de construction, qui a eu lieu à Istanbul du 6 au 10 Mai 2014. Groupe Armada qui attire l’attention des visiteurs de la foire par ces produits prétentieux du secteur de construction, il a prouvé encore une fois sa priorité dans ce secteur.br />

ARMADA GROUPE attended with his Russian distributor TERRADECK, the BATIMAT Fair which is organized in Moscow between 1-4 April 2014.


Support screw jack pedestals are used at The project of Zaha Hadid, Hayder Aliyev Cultural Center in Azerbaijan. The brand new landmark of Baku.

Support screw jack pedestals are used at The project of Zorlu Center’ s terrace

Armada Groupe to take place at the Director of Religious Affairs mosque’s projectı.

Screw jack pedestals are used at the project of Turkey’s highest building Sapphire.

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