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Doğal Taşlar Lamine Taşlar Kompozit MBI Applications
Time resisting eco-friendly stone veneer Accordance with the standards of aesthetic products Easily applied, high strength Precast Composite Stone Coatings MBI Applications

Armstone® Application Areas
Balcony and terrace areas, walking areas, urban plazas, swimming pool surroundings, landscape areas, and areas open to light vehicle… SSupport® Sistem Paving Decking Pedestals - Armstone® applications Owing to open joint system, it provides excellent drainage, thereby preventing water accumulation on the surfaces, eliminating elevation differences occurring on the coating due to leveling concrete, applying only final elevation on the surfacing areas, and creating an impression of a desired location on the wide areas. The system is demountable; thus, it makes modification processes easy and economical, and provides the designers with large time and freedom of application. Since there is no need for mortar and similar cementing materials, it enables the opportunity of application under any weather conditions and swiftly. The empty spaces formed under the surfacing are utilized for fittings and cabling. Continual ventilability of the system minimizes the damages to arise from thermal stresses, and extends the life of the materials.

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